Repairs and Maintenance

repairDo you have an existing interlocking paving patio driveway or walkway that has settled? What about your retaining walls? Are they falling over do your old paving stone driveway have ruts from years of vehicular traffic? Don’t replace your old and settled interlocking stone, with Terraform Contracting repairs and maintenance program we can make your old pavers look brand new again! By lifting the effected areas and repairing the base we will bring your driveway, patio or walkway back to life with a fraction of the cost to replace it. From 10 sq ft repairs to a complete driveway pickup and relay, we can repair a wobbly walkway or leaning retaining wall.


Retaining Wall Corner SplittingRepairs can be challenging. Specific patterns with circles and fans. No extras from a discontinued product. What about replacing stones and colour matching? Why trust your repair to a "handyman". As one of the few hardscape contractors that enjoys doing repairs.  

I'm told every year when I sign up on the Unilock Authorized Contractor program. Very few if any of the other contractors want to do repairs. Why? I find repairs to be very educational. It really shows what techniques and materials work over time.


Repairing a wobbly walkway