Flagstone, (flag) is a generic flat stone, usually used for paving slabs or walkways, patios, fences and roofing. It may be used for memorials, headstones, facades and other constructions. The name derives from Middle English flagge meaning turf, perhaps from Old Norse flaga meaning slab.


There are two categories of flagstone. There is Square cut flagstone or Random flagstone. Within the two categories there is a wide variety of colours, finishes, sizes and textures. Many stone suppliers carry over 40 styles, just in square cut alone. That's alot of choices.

Stones can be imported from China, India, Brazil, United States and don't forget we have alot of good stone right here, locally from Ontario. Sizes can vary from stone to stone but generally speaking, the imported stones are available in 12"x24", 24"x24", 24"x36". Ontario limestone come in a real nice assortment of mixed sizes. Sandstone, Limestone, Slate and Granite, it's all available.

Here are some flagstone projects that we have completed.


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