This is a very common back door found across the Toronto area. As you can see in the first picture the homeowners tried to cover the step with a small piece of stone, approx 4",  in an attempt to try to extend the first step from the house.  They say the proof is in the pudding so after using the steps this way to get in and out of the patio, it wasn't sufficient. The solution we've been working on has been to pour concrete and extend the first step so that it is a full 12" out from the house. The second step also needed to be extended and it was formed and additional concrete was added. The steps were faced in 2" limestone coping, 4' and 6' stones were mortared to the concrete. The risers were faced with the same material, 1" square cut flagstone was cut down to the required riser height and mortared to the concrete.

The homeowner is extremely happy with the finished project. Not only do they have attractive back door steps but they are functional. Exiting from the back door to the patio is much more comfortable now that there is a full step as you exit the patio door. The homeowner requested that the jointing colour be left natural, without mortar die to tint the colour.

Materials used on this project:

Silver valley gray limestone coping. 4'/6' x 2". Rockfaced, flamed finish

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