I'm a big fan of using 2" natural stone coping for the edge of any stone work. Whether it be for steps or edging around a landing, it looks fantastic. 2" thick coping comes in either rock-faced or bull-nose. I personally think the bull-nose looks stunning in the granites, but rock face is equally as beautiful. In the pictures below the homeowner chose granite. This particular colour is called, Dark Grey. Not exactly the most exotic sounding name but it makes up for it in looks. It's one of my favorites. As you can see in the pictures below the stone was used on both steps. We were able to use one piece for the step going into the house. Both the step and the riser, no joints. These are pieces 6' wide. It looks very elegant and it certainly accents the entrance. Fortunately the width worked out perfectly so a 6' wide piece of stone would fit. If you're considering covering your concrete entrance with stone wide 2" coping stones are very striking.

With the increased height we will have to adjust the height of the last step. Sometimes an additional step needs to be added or any pavers leading up to the house will need to be raised. On this particular project we raised aprox 15' of pavers because the homeowner didn't want any more steps installed. The stones were sealed to protect them against any potential salt damage. I highly recommend doing this for front flagstone entrances. This sealer only offers protection for the stones it's a  no sheen, natural look.

Materials Used On This Project:

Dark grey granite coping, 2" x 6'

Dark grey square cut flagstone, mixed sizes, 24x24, 12x24, 12x12

Mortar tinted, 'Starlight' pigment added for joint colouring.

Sealer applied. Aquamix, Sealer's Choice, Gold.

Beautiful 2" x 6' granite coping Beautiful 2" x 6' granite coping Pavers hat to be raised in this area Beautiful 2" x 6' granite coping. No Joints Beautiful 2" x 6' granite coping