Unilock spring adUnilock Wine and DesignIt was during the off season. I was attending the GTA Unilock contractor meeting when they told us. Unilock would be increasing their advertising efforts this year. Fantastic, is what I said to myself. I than had to ask, what exactly will they be doing different? My territory manager, Rob, told me that Unilock would be advertising in LCBO's Food and Drink magazine. In the Spring 2011 edition on page 151 there it was. The Unilock ad. What really threw me for a loop was their ad in the early summer edition. Join Unilock for an evening of Wine and Design.


Unilock will be running a few "Wine and Design" events at three of their dealers in the GTA region. Interesting, very interesting. Here is some of that advertising coming to fruition. There are three events planned. The first event will be at Lane's Landscaping Supply, Mississauga, on June 8. The second will be hosted at Arnts Loam Supply, Whitby, on June 15th. The third one will be at Beaver Valley Stone, Thornhill,  June 22. There will be talks from Earth Inc and wine will be served from Union Wines . This is a pretty interesting concept, but than that's why I like Unilock so much. They're very innovative. new ideas, new products, new thinking. That's what it takes to be a leader. If you are interested in attending e-mail wine&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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