I recently attended the Certified Applicator seminar sponsored by TechniSeal and Unilock and I must say it was excellent. The seminar focused on proper installation of techniseal polymeric sands and their line cleaner/sealers. All of the Unilock sealer/cleaners and polymeric sands are rebadged techniseal products. It was techniseal that invented polymeric sand so why not partner with the best. Although I"m not a full time applicator of sealers it's something we do, usually after a repair, and it increases every year. One of the biggest things I got out of this event is to always and I mean, always test a small area to see what the finished product will look like. 

One product that techniseal has is a sealer but it has a tint in it so it can bring back or change the colour of old paving stones and retaining walls. I would like to try this product on some old stones to see how much it changes the colour but I can also see some potential dangers in using it on some old pavers too. Remember that testing I mentioned earlier. This is a prime candidate for testing a small area and making sure the customer is happy with the end product before the whole project is done and there are potential issues. This product is called NuLook and there are four available colours, cognak, charcoal, honey and brick red. I would like to try it on a small area before going crazy on a large paver project.

Here is the video on NuLook from techniseal.

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