As a contractor and installer of Unilock products I'm in a unique position to see what new products are coming down the pike. Every year, at our annual trade show in January there's always some new products featured. With a history of consistent innovative products, such as Brussels Block, il Campo and Series 3000, Umbriano and Elegance. Every years brings new innovations and over the winter months, I start getting excited thinking about all the creative possibilities for these new products. This is a really big year. I can't remember such a year. Unilock is bringing out 5 new pavers, 1 retaining wall and 2 new jointing sands. This equates to 53 new sku's, 53! That's a lot of product to bring out in one year. This is why 2012 is a very special year for Unilock in Ontario.

One of those new pavers is called Thornbury. Thornbury comes in 3 unit sizes, 2 sizes are actually the same dimensions as brussels block. It has a slight texture to the surface. 6 colour choices are available and if you look closely some are the same as pisa/roman pisa. This should reduce the age old question "Why don't the pavers come in the same colours as the walls". Now I have an answer to this all too familiar question. Thornbury can be a permeable paver. What does this means. What it means is that the pavers has a minimum of 8% void space so that surface water will permeate the paver and not run off into the storm sewers. In a permeable pavement application the jointing material and base would have to be changed to an open graded granular material. The last and best feature is of course, EnduraColor.

I have a longer article about Endura Color. The simple answer is, The top surface will not wear and 'Etch'. The pavers will look the same 15 - 20 years from now. The colors are much more rich and vibrant, they will not show signs of color loss and fading. Insist on endura color, the new face of paving stones.

Since Thornbury is so new there aren't any installed projects. They did have this paver at Canada Blooms 2012, see pictures below. The pavers at Blooms were brought in from Unilock, New York. When production begins in Ontario the colour will probably be slightly different. At the Unilock booth and Landscape Ontario booth the colour is Almond Grove. When choosing colours it's always good to see actual samples for the final choice.

I'm really looking forward to doing some projects with this paver. It has such a beautiful surface finish that will not etch. Let's get installing! And here's a small factoid. Thornbury was designed by Ed Bryant's daughter. Who is Ed Bryant? He's the guy on page 4 of the catalogue, the founder of Unilock.


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