Design plays a pivotal role in any successful hardscape or landscaping project. I don't know how many appointments I've shown up to and walked away with the client's drawing. I can be hand drawn or sometimes computer drawn, the point is that the client has been thinking about their project and what they want. This is a great place to start because it makes the design process a lot easier.

Our process begins at this point, a 3d rendering will be produced and sent off for approval. Our current process uses computer generated images. An immersive environment certainly makes landscape come alive, Water, fire and lighting effects can be added. Below are some examples of previous renderings.

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Garry Reisky

Garry Reisky is the owner of Terraform Contracting. A landscaping and hardscaping contractor located in Toronto, Ontario. Terraform designs and installs residential hardscape and landscapes. Garry is a hardscape expert with extensive installation and product knowledge. Garry is an unofficial Rock(et) Scientest and self proclaimed guru of everything Enduracolor. Find Garry on Google+. Tired of dealing with inexperienced contractors, Contact Garry for a free estimate.