avante-logo-125It was last year. I would say sometime around the end of June. I was at Beaver Valley Stone on saturday going over materials for an upcoming project with a customer. After I had finished I noticed, in the distance, a new display frame. Conveniently it was put right in front of the Permacon display! Unilock was there earlier in the week and setup a Belpasso and Avante Ashlar product display. Upon closer inspection of this new display I had a close up look. I wasn't totally sold, not yet. It took several saturday visits and many walks past this new paver to slowly win me over. What put me over the top was when they updated their displays in the front of Beaver Valley. With the paver fully installed and polymeric sand in the joints it clicked. I got it. It was definately an ah hah type moment! I really like this new paver.

Avante AAvante Product Specificationsshlar ships with four unit sizes. When this paver is installed you will see 11 individual sized shapes. But Garry, it's only 4 stones. How do they get 11 sizes out of 4 stones, that doesn't make sense! Unilock achieves this by introducing a false joint into the stone. A false joint is a groove on the surface of the paver that only appears as full joints. Ah hah!

Avante Ashlar comes in four colours, Almond Grove, Conestoga, Desert Sand and Sierra. Here's a free tip. Series 3000 in the 6x8 in black granite looks fantastic as a border. Avante Ashlar, another nice paving stone from Unilock.

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