dustThis is a common sight on the building site, dust. A billowing cloud of stone dust leaving the saw. Not only is this extreme unhealty for the operator but what about the surrounding area. What about air conditioning units, windows, doors, garage doors and plants and the outside of your house wether it be brick, stone or siding. If there's alot of cutting what about your neighbor's house? 

Over the last few years we've been trying to do more cutting with water attachements connected to our saws and the original 14" tile/stone saw (purchased in 1989) has come out of retirement and is seeing front line duty again. Not only is this better for the operator it's better for your house and neighbors. Less dust equals happy clients and happy neighbors. Not all stones can be cut on the wetsaw. When available we'll try to use water supression connected to our gas saws. I can't guarntee zero dust but with these methods it can be greatly reduced.

What is interesting is that I was at a training seminar yesterday. Hosted by Unilock at their Georgetown facility. The presenter, Doug Silk, talked about cutting techniques for pavers. He went on to say that many contractors are going back to water saw/tile saw cutting. realllly. For the toronto area this is a no brainer. But it's something I've been doing since the late 80's!

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