After extensive renovations on this urban house in downtown Toronto the front lawn was completely destroyed. This house received a total gut so there were many deliveries of materials and dumpsters that had to go somewhere. And where did they go? The front lawn, of course, iIt's precious space! So after things had settled down and most of the interior work was completed it was time to tackle the front yard. As you can see from the pictures below there was no front yard or walkway.

On many of these older homes in Toronto they seem to always have old posts in the ground. Multiple fences posts need to be removed so that we can install our new hardscape elements. When I met with the homeowners we went through the material choices. I suggested Copthorne for the new walkway material and there would need a small wall to retain the garden, 2 rows of Brussels dimensional would fit the bil nicely. Copthorne has that old world look and feel of clay pavers, yet is strong and can handle our freeze thaw cycles. I suggest going with the 3 color blend because that really does look like an old brick walkway. The homeowners loved the idea and gave me the go ahead.

The homeowners were on a budget, who isn't? I suggested a higher end stone would look fantastic and completely transform their front yard. If there's a place to spend more money on stones it's definately the front entrance, it's always money well spent. As you can see from the pictures below their new walkway looks great, doesn't it? The homeowner's still had to stain or paint the front deck and steps so topsoil had to wait a few weeks. The garden will get much needed plants this spring.

Materials used on this project:

Pavers: Unilock, Copthorne, 3 colour, Burgundy, Burnt Clay Old Oak. Unilock Polymeric sand, Tan.

Wall: Unilock, Brussels Dimensional Block, Mahogany Ash

Edge Restraint: Snapedge

How many fence posts can we find? How many fenc posts can we find? How many fenc posts can we find? Brussels Dimensional Garden Border Copthorne, That's a nice looking walkway Copthorne, That's a nice looking walkway Brussels Dimensional Brussels Dimensional Copthorne, That's a nice looking walkway

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