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Large Format Umbriano Patio Pavers.
This Toronto home turns unused space into a nice family patio area.
Beautiful Urban Patio.
The circle lives.
Ultrabase saves the day.
Ultrabase comes to the rescue for this driveway, a very good choice for solving settlement issues in Toronto.

The ScalehouseIt's spring and construction season is ramping up. We're starting to get busy and that means one thing. Construction debris that needs to be disposed of. This is the view from my driver's seat. It happens at least once a week, if not more. With bated breath I wait in anticipation for the scale house light to go green. And it's off up the ramp to see a guy waiting at the entrance.

This location is actually open 24hrs a day. And yes, there are people off loading at 2 or 3 am because, I've done it! If you're in the toronto area the dump isn't actually a large tract of land where the garbage is buried. We take ouBig Pile of Garbager garbage to a transfer station. This is where your local garbage collection is also taken to. The transfer station has different areas where you drop off your load depending on what you have. If you have drywall. That's recyclable and you're sent off to a specific area to empty the drywall into a dumpster. Tires, recyclable. If you have trees and grass clippings you're sent off to the compost pile. Everything else like construction waste. That goes into the big pile.

Big Track LoaderThe big pile can get pretty big and when it's really hot during the summer it get's really smelly. But this is what we contractor's have to do. Referred to in the industry as .. dump stink! This lingering odour can last up to 24 hours and up to 48 hours if you were unfortunate enough to have your windows rolled down! It's that lingering odour days later that says. You were at the transfer station, weren't you? Don't even think about driving over a pool of unknown garbage liquids. You mignt need new tires. The smell will get embedded so deep in your tires it will never come out.

Adventures at the transfer station. It's not very glamarous. About the only thing you can look forward to is hopefully there's some old windows in the big pile. So when you unload you can aim for the windows and hear that joyous sound of glass breaking. This is what we have to put up with to get your project completed. So the next time you see me hauling off a load to the transfer station, be thankful it's not you going. It's not pretty.

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Garry Reisky is the owner of Terraform Contracting. A landscaping and hardscaping contractor located in Toronto, Ontario. Terraform designs and installs residential hardscape and landscapes. Garry is a hardscape expert with extensive installation and product knowledge. Garry is an unofficial Rock(et) Scientest and self proclaimed guru of everything Enduracolor. Find Garry on Google+. Tired of dealing with inexperienced contractors, Contact Garry for a free estimate.

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