Unilock Authorized ContractorAt Terraform Contracting, I'm very proud to be back as a Unilock Authorized Contractor (AC). Yes, you've read that right.. be back.  I have a bit of a history with Unilock, you see I've been kicking around in the hardscape/landscape business since 1986. I was an AC prior to what I would call. The Brussels era. During that time I've seen the industry go through impressive growth. Perhaps, at the height of the Brussels Block era, some contractors weren't feeling the love anymore and some of us drifted off and did our own thing. Maybe I was feeling, I'm a big boy now and I don't need Unilock anymore. Over confidence can be a dangerous thing.

But how does that saying go. "You never know a good thing until it's gone."

As a contractor you really need that support network that a company like Unilock offers. The pace of change is constant. New products. New installation techniques. If you're a contractor invested in offering the best products and service you possibly can, you have to keep up. The old ways just aren't going to cut it anymore. The consumer is too educated these days and has high expectations for their hardscape investment. This is a good thing becuase it forces me to become better. It's win win all the way around. The consumer get's a very high quality end product. Unilock doesn't install any projects, they're strictly the manufacturer. They do however keep close ties with those select few. Their Authorized contractors. It's assurance for the homeowner, they're getting the best products installed by the best contractors. And I'm highly honoured to be included in that group.

Here is my personal list of what sets Unilock apart from the others.

  • Extensive product line. Paving stones and retaining walls that consumers really gravitate towards.
  • Passion for Innovation. Exciting new products!
  • Leads Service. Always a good thing.
  • Support, support.. support. Unilock is always close by to help you, the contractor, so projects are executed to the highest standards.
  • Seminars and continuing education.
  • Unilock awards program.

To become AC is a fairly involved process.   There are certain minimum requirements that have to be met. But in reality. It all comes down to your Territory Manager and Doug Silk . Doug is tough. He's the sixth employee at Unilock and has extensive knowledge of this business. From manufacturing the product , to sales and installation. Everytime I talk to Doug it's important to just listen. He oooozes information. It's the people at Unilock that set them apart from the competition. Highly dedicated and passionate people that have pioneered this industry to where it is today.

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Garry Reisky

GarryGarry Reisky is the owner of Terraform Contracting. A Unilock Authorized Contractor located in Toronto, Ontario. Terraform designs and installs residential hardscape and landscape creations. Garry is a hardscape expert with extensive installation and product knowledge. Garry is an unofficial Rock(et) Scientest and self proclaimed guru of everything EuduraColor. Find Garry on Google+. Tired of dealing with inexperienced contractors, Contact Garry for a free estimate.

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