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Product: Front: Atlas Block, Allan Block Junior. Rear: Unilock Pisa I

Colour: Front: Earth Range. Rear: Pisa I

Date Of Installation: Summer 2001

Design Goals: Add a nice planting bed in front of an existing retaining wall. Foundation parging and waterproofing also competed on the west side of this home.

Designer: Garry Reisky. Terraform Contracting Ltd., Toronto

Location: North Toronto


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Atlas Block, Allan Block JuniorDSC00454

About the Author

Garry Reisky

GarryGarry Reisky is the owner of Terraform Contracting. A Unilock Authorized Contractor located in Toronto, Ontario. Terraform designs and installs residential hardscape and landscape creations. Garry is a hardscape expert with extensive installation and product knowledge. Garry is an unofficial Rock(et) Scientest and self proclaimed guru of everything EuduraColor. Find Garry on Google+. Tired of dealing with inexperienced contractors, Contact Garry for a free estimate.

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